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Area 51
Sightings, Testimonials & Anecdotes

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Secret Aircraft

Range Operations/Light Data

Routine Visits to Rachel and Route 375

Groom Lake Airspace Restrictions

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 Reader Comments Regarding "Sightings, Testimonials & Anecdotes" - Latest First

Though I really dont beleive in UFO'S, I know for a fact that the government covers up top secret experiments. I wrote about my experiences mountainbiking through the west desert of Utah in my Mountain Biking page that might be interesting to others. A lot of things happen out here in the west desert. Missle & bombing testing, bio chemical weapons testing, ufo sightings and so on.

-- Shou 9/21/98 (#18)
Area 51 A Parade of Reality

Area 51 is the advanced fighter for social progress and the new generation that represents the future of society. Exuberant vitality and fervent energy, courage, fearlessness and persistency constitutes our characteristic features. Area 51 is responsive to what is new, now, has a strong enterprise, and love justice and truth, for which it fights through thick and thin. Because of its splendid qualities, Area 51 can assume a very important role in the 1998 elections, the progressive revolution, and in the building of a new society after the 1998 elections. Area 51 is reality.

-- Karina Rossi ( ) 9/3/98 (#17)
Just A Small Comment

I just wish to say that we need to keep an open mind when it comes to analysing the phenomena at hand. But what is also required is a whole lot more openness on the part of the government. The URL below is what I believe to be the truth, but he could be wrong.

-- Petey Jimson ( ) 6/7/97 (#16)
MIB,have me believe?(I don't think so)

Theres a purported "Mib" (sic), on Research comments. He states he's a MiB working at "a Airbase". Do all MIB's profess their profession, I think not. As far as the statement, that he has seen things "you would not believe", I am doubtful. What I do believe is that there are three "e's" in believe. Watch the skies, the truth is out there, not all in here.

-- The Captain 6/4/97 (#15)
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