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Rachel, Nevada

The Closest Town to Area 51


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 Reader Comments Regarding "Rachel, Nevada" - Latest First
Wot no UFO's ?

Hi ! Visited your shop in Rachel today - great Beef Jerky ! Thanks for your interesting info - we found the military signs, and managed not to get arrested. Didn't spot any UFO's - shame, we wanted to hitch a lift to New Zealand ! -Chris & Vanessa

-- Z 12/7/99 (#11)
Goin to see the saucers

Hey out there in cyber space. I will be traveling through on the weekend of the 28th from the MOA rally in texas. Any MOA or RA people checkin out this site will recognize me at the rally by the roundel on my jacket (the largest at the rally). Those who wonder what this message means will just have to be there when I come through town. GS rules. Later.

-- Felix ( ) 6/12/97 (#10)
The members of "Mojave Rat-Pack" are coming

We are the "Mojave Rat-Pack". After reading regarding the town of Rachel and some perfidious rumors re: UFO's, my comrades decided that Rachel must be experienced. We will be there Sept.4th, we require an area to camp, we prefer a dry lake. We need desolation. If anyone could suggest a "spot" let me know. We are aware of "limits".

-- PK Gard ( ) 5/19/97 (#9)
Road Trip to Area 51 Being Organized This Summer

We are in the process of organizing a roadtrip to Area 51 this summer. For more information, please see our web page.

-- Elpiniki Vhlamos ( ) 4/27/97 (#8)
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