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Papoose Dry Lake

Dry lake bed about 15 miles south of Groom Lake and Area 51. Papoose is the claimed site of Bob Lazar's secret flying saucer facility. Lazar calls this base "Area S-4."

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  1. Bob Lazar@ - Made "Area S-4" claims in 1989. Says he saw 9 flying saucers in a hanger built into a hillside. <#1>


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i have been doing home research on hybrids. And i cant seem to find out exactly what a hyrbid is. if anybody can tell me exatcly what a hyrbid is e mail me at

-- lordadam2000 10/30/99 (#2)
Papoose Lake(S-4)

The Papoose Lake site also know as S-4 has been claimed to be the "real" Area 51, this base is even more top sercret then Groom Lake, this base is said to contain the true "flying sausers", the reason non one from the outside has seen any real activity here is because this base is highly camufluged inside the mountian.

-- flying_frog ( ) 6/28/99 (#1)

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