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Tonopah Test Range

Semi-Secret Aircraft Testing Base

Although there many be useful links here, this page is not actively maintained (after 1997). For new links see our new TTR page.

Tonopah Test Range is a military range and air base in the Nellis AFB Range about 30 miles southeast of the town of Tonopah, NV. TTR was the principal secret testing ground for the F-117A stealth fighter during its development. It was also used by Sandia Laboratories under DOE contract for the development of delivery systems for atomic weapons. The "Red Flag" ranges in the northern part of the Nellis Range are administered out of TTR by Detachment 2 of the 99th Range Squadron. Although many secret projects have gone on there, the main base at TTR is easily visible from public land, and you can glimpse it from Highway US-6. Unlike the "nonexistant" facility at Groom Lake 65 miles to the south east, this secret base has a sign on the highway. [GC 9/96]

Local Links & Information

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External Links (Unofficial)

  1. Tom Mahood's page on Tonopah Test Range*
  2. Satellite Image* (48k) provided by CLUI. The "Korean" mock airfield is shown in the center.

External Links (Official)

  1. Nellis 99th Range Squadron
  2. DOE Nevada Operations Office
  3. Sandia Laboratories
  4. Lockheed-Martin, the primary contractor for range operations. Has purchased the former contractor, Loral.

For new links see our new TTR page.

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